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  Testimonials from Lake Country Counstruction clients

We chose Lake Country Construction for the building of our lake home. The decision was based on: their proven track record and references over the past 20 years, commitment to quality, focus and experience in designing and constructing distinctive lake homes, collaborative working style throughout the entire planning and building process, and uncompromising integrity.”



“We understood that living in a lake home is quite different than a “suburban” lifestyle. Finding a builder that has the insight to know what works well in lake home features, amenities, design and construction was a top priority. After an extensive search, we chose Lake Country Construction. They have years of experience with proven successes and references. They recognize the unique features that are important in lake homes and understand the character of different home styles. Throughout the process, they provide recommendations and best practices that can only come from years of focused expertise in designing and building lake homes.”



“Our involvement in the entire process was very important in our decision to select Lake Country Construction for our new lake home. We have experienced an extremely positive building process due to Lake Country's style of teamwork. They collaborate, advise, engage in frequent communications, and share best practices that they have developed over the years. We felt that Lake Country Construction put a priority on communication in every phase of the project to ensure that in the end, we had the lake home of our dreams.”



“We are absolutely pleased with the advice and construction by Lake Country Construction that has produced a home that is distinctive, unique, of highest quality, and truly accommodates a lifestyle of lakeshore living for many years in the future.”


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